Molti Gusti,Indiana’s premiere artisan Italian-American food producer is seeking motivated,ambitious,capable candidates interested in gaining hands-on experience in all aspects of our specialty food business.


Depending on their backgrounds,interests,and academic goals,interns will assist with various aspects of our business such as baking operations and operations management,product development,packaging and package design,logistics,marketing,public relations,brand development and website design,sales development,and account management.


Candidates must be enrolled in a culinary,business,marketing,communications,design,or equivalent college or trade level program,be eligible for internship course credit,and have a GPA of C or above. Candidates must be available a minimum of 9 hours per week. Baking operations (culinary) candidates should note that we bake between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. Our baking operation is located in Zionsville and our office is located in Carmel.

Study in baking,pasty and culinary arts,business,marketing,promotion,wholesale and retail sales,entrepreneurship,communications,media and production,art and design,management,or related fields is desirable,but not required.

Team Projects

Interns may propose a team project as an internship. For example:a team of a marketing specialist,a graphic designer,and a copy writer may propose an internship to undertake market research and incorporate changes into the branding strategy or a team of pastry and confections interns may propose developing a new product or product line.   In the case of a team proposal,the specific role and contribution of each intern must be identified.


Start and end dates are flexible based on the candidate’s academic schedule.

How to Apply

Contact us for an email address to   submit a résumé or CV and some information about yourself (including links to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile). Please place the word “Internship” in the subject line.

About Molti Gusti LLC

Molti Gusti,LLC was founded by Joe Albano,who was raised in an Italian-American family in New York and Brian Strain,a 25+ year veteran of the food service industry. Molti Gusti is committed to producing classic Italian-American inspired baked goods in the Midwest.

Less than one year after beginning production,Molti Gusti’s dedication to craft specialty baking and culinary excellence was acknowledged by Indiana Artisan,a program that recognizes exceptional hand-crafted products from Indiana.

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